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Title of vid: Silent Fandoms
Recipient: thingswithwings
Vidder: ghost lingering
Fandom: Festivids
Additional Visual Material )
Music: A John Cage 4'33" Mashup containing the following:
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Summary: This is not a vid. It might not be anything else either.
Content notes: Physical triggers, other: for visual there are moments similar to moving gif sets with multiple things happening in different parts of the screen & some of these things include flashes and jump cuts; audio levels are variable; NSFW — nudity and sex!; there is some Hollywood violence w/ guns & swords & fighting & explosions & blood
Signed length: 04:33

See the vid here

Title of vid: Behind-the-Scenes Bonus Material for "Silent Fandoms": Excerpts from a Festivids Masterlist that Never Existed
Recipient: thingswithwings
Additional Recipients: purplefringe, Scribe, goodbyebird, sisabet, Aris Merquoni, jagwriter78, Talumin, shinealightonme, cosmic llin, hollywoodgrrl, imbir, joyo, absolutedestiny, hellpenguin, valoise, KRIM, Nicole Anell, eruthros, ghost lingering, shati, blithesea, jarrow, elipie, sweetestdrain, cupidsbow, deejay, franzeska, sabinetzin, VesperRegina, bisclaveret, settiai, sophinisba, zen, elderberryink, hmmyeahokay, china shop, futuransky, thuvia ptarth, livrelibre, Valika, Chaila, Gianduja Kiss, cara marie, bironic, Sanguinity, shopfront, such heights, feochadn, lizbetann, fan eunice, SDWolfpup, shinyjenni, colls, Dogstar, Marina, ladymajavader, heuradys, rhoboat, aphrodite-mine, seekingferret, legoline, f1renze, imbir, Rhea314, glovered, condnsdmlk, Meddow, alley-skeywalker, apathedia-jane, kuwdora, alba17, mithborien, theleaveswant, Nancy Blackett, Kitty, piecesofalice, thingswithwings
Vidders: ghost lingering & Sanguinity
Summary: "Silent Fandoms" might not be a vid, because it doesn't entirely follow the form. This behind the scenes video isn't a vid, because it's comprised of excerpts from festivid gifts that never existed. Everything was made specifically for use in "Silent Fandoms". Fandom/recipient pairings were largely taken from this list: http://www.festivids.net/festivids/sign-up/history. Including them here should be considered a behind the scenes extra, not an actual vid or gift proper, though I hope those who recieved snippets find some measure of joy in them.
Content notes: Most of these fandoms I've never actually watched and as such the song choices (when songs are used) are largely based on wikipedia, bad puns, and guesses. Footage is typically whatever trailer I could find on YouTube. The quality, therefore, ranges widely. I tried to avoid imagery that obviously contained sexual violence, but I can't be 100% positive, as I'm not familiar with most of these fandoms. Like "Silent Fandoms" there is Hollywood-style violence, NSFW sex & nudity, and physical triggers. Typos in credits will be fixed by reveals.
Signed length: 19:48

See the snippets here and here.


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