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Festivids 2009 Reveals Masterlist

Festivids 2009 Masterlist

Reveals are live! [livejournal.com profile] giandujakiss and I will be working over the next couple hours updating the individual vid posts on [livejournal.com profile] fv_poster to reflect the updated URLs. We will post a note to [livejournal.com profile] festivids when the updates are complete.

Anyone who has a locked signed URL should unlock it as soon as possible now that reveals are live.

Thank you all so much!

Here's the list!
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Festivids is live!

Please leave a thank-you note for your gift-giver(s) when you get the opportunity. If you defaulted, you probably still have a gift, and your gift-giver would also appreciate hearing from you. (In the rare case that you defaulted and were also defaulted on, I did not assign a pinch hit for you, however.) Vidders, if you don't hear from your recipient immediately, keep in mind some people may not be available at golive (work, different time zone, etc.); it's worth checking their blog (if they have one) to see if they have left a note for you.

Vids' links are alphabetized by fandom, then title, with a note made of the recipient. You can open up the full post, and then do a search for your signup name; alternatively, you can click on your name among the "recipient" tags (e.g. I would be under "r: yhlee" in [livejournal.com profile] fv_poster if I had signed up). Note that some recipients have more than one gift vid, so make sure to look for them all!

Thank you to the volunteers, vidders, pinch hitters, and other supporters for making this a reality!

ETA: Festivids chatroom. Come join, if you like!

Here's the list, with reveals! )
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Title of vid: Prayer of St. Francis
Vidder: deejay
Recipient: Greensilver
Fandom: Miracles (TV)
Music: "Prayer of St. Francis" by Sarah McLachlan
Summary: After a delay of nearly a month due to being stuck in the hospital, here (finally!) is Greensilver's Evie-centric vid, as requested. Thanks for your patience. \o/
Length: 2:19 (signed)

Right click to save the .avi version (504 MB)

Right click to save the .wmv version (14.5 MB)
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Title of vid: Yesterday's Gone
Vidder: EleanorJane
Recipient: Jackie K
Fandom: Galaxy Quest (Movie)
Music: "Don't Stop" by Status Quo
Summary: One thing made the good old days great: teamwork. In which the cast learns that nobody can go it alone, and together they're unstoppable.
Length: 3:42 (unsigned)

See the vid here.
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Title of vid: Here It Goes Back Again
Vidder: thingswithwings
Recipient: Valika
Fandom: Back to the Future trilogy (Movie)
Music: "Here it Goes Again" by OK Go
Summary: Events appear to be repeating themselves.
Length: 3:02 (signed)

Signed vid post [DW; download available].
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Title of vid: Shadows
Vidder: Cappy
Recipient: Greensilver
Fandom: Birds of Prey (TV)
Music: "Shadows" by Au Revoir Simone
Summary: I hope you're coming with me.
Length: 1:52 (signed)

See the vid here.
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Title of vid: Passenger Fever
Vidder: hollywoodgirl
Recipient: sweetestdrain
Fandom: Twin Peaks
Music: "Passenger Fever" by Go Home Productions
Summary: "Fever isn't such a new thing. Fever started long ago."
Warnings: Brief nudity.
Length: 2:30 (signed)

See the vid here.
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Title of vid: Gemma - Murder
Vidder: Regen Child
Recipient: sabaceanbabe
Fandom: Sons of Anarchy (TV)
Music: "Murder" by Ashlee Simpson
Summary: A tribute to Gemma Morrow...Sons of Anarchy...
Warnings: Reference to rape.
Size: 42.7 Mb

Signed vid [YouTube].
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Title of vid: Fitz & Dizzyspells
Vidder: sweetestdrain
Recipient: Azar
Fandom: Return to Oz (Movie)
Music: "Fitz & Dizzyspells" by Andrew Bird
Summary: You woke us.
Warnings: Contains chickens.
Length: 3:20 (signed)

Signed vid post [LJ].
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Title of vid: Survival Instinct
Vidder: Chamalla
Recipient: colls
Fandom: Pitch Black (Movie)
Music: "Trauma" by Dom & Roland
Summary: Overview of the cult SF movie Pitch Black (2000).
Stranded on the planet with a constant sunlight from three orbiting suns, 10 survivors will soon realize than it's not one of them they should be afraid of, but planet's real inhabitants that come out and dominate the surface, hunt and eat all signs of life in total darkness which happens every 22 years.
Warnings:This vid includes a few images of extreme brutality and violence. (Rated R in USA)
Length: 3:29 (signed)

Download the vid here.
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Title of vid: All For Swinging You Around
Vidder: kuwdora
Recipient: sol_se
Fandom: Little Mosque on the Prairie (TV)
Music: "All For Swinging You Around" by The New Pornographers
Summary: It's all for swinging you around.
Length: 3:42 (signed)

Signed vid download link [Mediafire].
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Title of vid: Sleepwalker
Vidder: talitha78
Recipient: Gianduja Kiss
Fandom: Profit (TV)
Music: "Sleepwalker" by Adam Lambert
Summary: A Jim Profit vid.
Warnings: Visual references to past child abuse.
Length: 2:06 (signed); 2:04 (unsigned)

Signed vid post [LJ; download available].

Embedded vid behind cut. )
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Title of vid: Vita Nostra: Our Life
Vidder: daybreak777
Recipient: Anoel
Fandom: The West Wing (TV)
Music: "River" by Ennio Morricone
Summary: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Length: 1:59 (signed)

Embedded vid behind cut. )

You can also view this vid at Vimeo. The password to view the vid is: our life
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Title of vid: In the Ayer
Vidder: renenet
Recipient: danegen
Fandom: Leverage (TV)
Music: "In the Ayer" by Flo Rida
Summary: This is their jam. A Leverage ensemble vid for [livejournal.com profile] danegen.
Length: 3:47 (signed)

Signed vid post [streaming and download available].
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Title of vid: Simon Says
Vidder: fan-eunice
Recipient: Suburban Noir
Fandom: Doomsday (Movie)
Music: "Simon Says" by Doom Sth
Summary: Simon says....you know what? Fuck Simon.
Warnings:Violence and gore.
Length: 4:15 (signed)

See the vid here.
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Title of vid: Don't Ask Me
Vidder: sisabet
Recipient: fan-eunice
Fandom: Facts of Life (TV)
Music: "Don't Ask Me" by OK Go
Summary: Jo's got a problem. Its name is Blair.
Length: 2:52 (signed)

Signed vid post [LJ; streaming and download available].
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Title of vid: Hanuman
Vidder: Laura47
Recipient: Karita Wyr
Fandom: The Princess Bride (Movie)
Music: "Hanuman" by Rodrigo Y Gabriela
Summary: It's not easy being the second-best sword fighter in the world.
Warnings: Violence from a PG rated movie
Length: 2:25 (signed)

Signed vid [streaming and download available].
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Title of vid: The Crackiness Patrol
Vidder: Suburban Noir
Recipient: LC
Fandom: Doctor Who - 1963-1989 (TV)
Music: "Lollipop" - Squeak E. Clean and Desert Eagles Remix
Summary: Once upon a time in the eighties...
Length: 1:13 (signed)

Signed vid [BAM].
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Title of vid: Would You Be Mine?
Vidder: Nancy Blackett
Recipient: Cappy
Fandom: Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (TV)
Music: "Whistle for the Choir" by The Fratellis
Summary: The fun, fabulous, flirty relationship of the cutest Lois and Clark of them all.
Length: 3:30 (unsigned and signed)

Signed vid post [LJ; download and streaming available].

Embedded vid behind cut. )
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Title of vid: AEIOU
Vidder: Gianduja Kiss
Recipient: Greensilver
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (TV)
Music: "AEIOU" by Charlotte Sometimes
Summary: A surfeit of H2O. (Er, based perhaps more on [livejournal.com profile] greensilver's "Dear Festividder" letter than on the original requests. I hope that's okay!)
Length: 2:17 (signed)

See the vid here.


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